3215 Huffman Eastgate Road
Huffman, TX 77336
(281) 324-2900
FAX (281) 324-3090

About Telemade

Telemade is true American success story. Seeing a need, developing a quality product to meet that need and successfully marketing that product set Telemade on its way in 1988. The idea was a custom carrying case for mobile medical equipment that allowed patients to move more freely throughout their day. Started with a single sewing machine and and idea Telemade has grown to occupy a 50,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility and has greatly expanded its manufacturing capabilities.

Sewing is still one of Telemade's largest departments however with the addition of R-F welding, sheilded metal arc welding, computerized electronics, foam cutting and several assembly areas Telemade's capabilities have grown substantially since 1988. 
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